Aico EI100MRF Radio LINK+ Module

Aico EI100MRF Radio LINK+ Module

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Aico EI100MRF Radio LINK

Aico EI100MRF Radio LINK

The Aico Ei100MRF Radio LINK+ Module uses radio frequency signals to link alarms together making installation quicker and easier. This module simply plugs into the back of the 160e Series & Multi-Sensor Fire alarm, Ei2110e allowing wireless interconnection between enabled alarms and accessories. 

Easier Alarm Interconnection 

With the introduction of this Aico RadioLINK+ module, the House Coding slot has now been moved onto the actual alarm making it easy to access and use. All the alarms can be House Coded in-situ when installed. 

Remote Alarm Interconnection 

RadioLINK+ has made it easier to expand existing Aico alarm systems. Previously, if you wanted to add another RadioLINK alarm or accessories into an existing RadioLINK system, each alarm would have to be manually put into House Code mode. With RadioLINK+ only one alarm in the existing system needs putting into Remote House Code mode along with the new alarm/accessory that needs adding. 

Data Extraction 

At installation details of the system can be collected, such as number of units, types of alarms, location of alarms, Radio Frequency signal strength between alarms, serial numbers of the device and how long the alarm has been in operation. 

If you are planning on using any of the data extraction technologies available with RadioLINK+ you will also need to order the USB dongle (EiUSB1) and software for your computer .


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