Aico EI146e Optical Smoke Alarm

Aico EI146e Optical Smoke Alarm

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Aico EI146e Optical Smoke Alarm

Aico EI146e Optical Smoke Detector

The Ei146e Optical Smoke Alarm is a mains-powered alarm with a 9V Alkaline battery back-up and contains a large, proven optical smoke chamber. 

This Smoke Alarm is to replace the Ei146RC. 

Both the new models offer a 69% reduction in power consumption - reducing running costs and increasing energy efficiency. 

The 140e Series maintains the matte plastic look with two separate LED lights and retains compatibility with the Ei168RC RadioLINK base and also includes the following:  

Automatic dust compensation 

Better sealed insect mesh 

Reduced risk of false activation 

17% slimmer profile 

As this alarm contains a 9V Alkaline battery back-up, this battery will need changing over the course of its 10-year life. 

As with the rest of the 140e Series alarms the Ei146e Optical alarm can be interconnected with other alarms and accessories through hard wire connection or, for less mess and disruption, by RadioLINK wireless interconnection. 

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