Aico Ei208 Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Aico Ei208 Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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Aico Ei208 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Aico Ei208 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The Aico Ei208 Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a standalone battery unit, powered by 10 year life sealed in Lithium cell. This means you won’t need to replace the battery at any point in the life of the alarm and also that the battery can not be removed ensuring continued protection. 

As with all Aico CO alarms – the Ei208 has AudioLINK Data Extraction Technology built in. Simply download the AudioLINK App to your compatible tablet or smartphone to extract a simple and easy to read ‘Alarm Status’ report from the alarm. This report contains data such as alarm activations, carbon monoxide levels reached, background levels of Carbon Monoxide and battery life. 

The Ei208 is not compatible with any interconnection methods so it's not able to interconnect with any other alarms in a system. 

Battery powered by a sealed in lithium cell. .

Easy to fit twist-on base and multi-fixings.

Proven electrochemical sensor. 

10 year lifespan. 

Aico's AudioLINK App provides realtime readings on your smartphone from connected Carbon Monoxide Alarms. 

The alarm status report gives information on: 

Peak CO level detected 

Alarm activations, levels of CO and when events occurred 

Background levels of CO 

Age/run-time of the CO alarm 

Test button activations 

CO sensor status 

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