Aico EI3000MRF Smartlink Module

Aico EI3000MRF Smartlink Module

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Aico EI3000MRF Smartlink

Aico EI3000MRF Smartlink

This Aico Smartlink Module is the next generation of Radio Frequency Wireless Interconnection. 

The module allows for wireless interconnection and data extraction. Simply plug in to any Aico 3000 Series alarm. 


Powered from alarm head 

Interconnect up to 12 alarms and devices wirelessly 

Real-time configurable notifications 

Full visibility of your connected SmartLINK systems 

Forecast alarm replacements and maintenance 

Remote Alarm Learn entry 

Transmits, receives and repeats RF specific data 

RF mesh architecture 

Unique House Coding feature 

RF Data Download 


They’ve made it smarter, easier and future-proof. They’ve taken their renowned RadioLINK+ technology and added a new range of functions and features. 

Wireless Interconnection 

The new SmartLINK technology still provides the same proven wireless interconnection technology as RadioLINK and RadioLINK+, using Radio Frequency signals and is completely compatible with both existing systems. 


No need for tricky cable runs, alarms interconnect using Radio Frequency signals 

When one alarm is triggered, all others sound for audibility throughout the property 

Expand existing systems easily by adding in SmartLINK technology 

Achieve remote whole-system data monitoring and extraction when access is not possible 

To add SmartLINK technology to your system, simply plug SmartLINK modules into any 3000 Series alarm head. 

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