Aico EI450 RadioLink Controller

Aico EI450 RadioLink Controller

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Aico EI450 RadioLink Controller

Aico EI450 Controller

The Aico Ei450 Radio Link Alarm Controller is used to control all the alarms in a system from one place. Control Switches are highly recommend if you have smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms on the same system as it’s essential that you can tell which alarm has sounded. From there you can identify which danger is present and the action you should take. 

It features LED’s which clearly display which danger has activated the alarm, helping to you take the appropriate action as quickly as possible. 

Control Switches increase the flexibility and user-friendliness of Aico wireless alarms by allowing the user to remotely Test, Locate and Silence alarms in the system: 

Test – The alarm system 

Locate – The alarm that has been activated 

Silence– Any nuisance alarms

The Ei450 is powered by a tamper proof, sealed in lithium cell giving a completely wire free installation with a 10 year life and connects wirelessly using RadioLINK interconnection technology, so once in place you will need to House Code the switch into the alarm system.


One button – three functions 

Battery powered by a sealed in Lithium cell 

10 year life 

Completely wire free installation 

Uses RadioLINK wireless technology to interconnect to the rest if the alarm system 

LEDs for a visual display of Fire or Carbon Monoxide alarm activation 

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