Aico EI603RF/EI630RF Interlinked Battery Heat Alarm

Aico EI603RF/EI630RF Interlinked Battery Heat Alarm

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Aico EI603RF/EI630RF Battery Heat Alarm

The Aico Ei603RF 10 Year Battery Linkable Optical Heat Alarm is activated by heat from a fire, not smoke, which makes it ideal for kitchen installations where smoke alarms are prone to nuisance alarms. The thermistor will trigger the alarm when the activation temperature of 58ºC is reached. 

This battery powered alarm contains sealed in, tamper proof lithium battery that will last for the full 10 year life of the alarm. The alarm is not powered until it is twisted on the mounting base, thus avoiding battery power consumption during storage and prior to installation. 

RadioLINK+ wireless interconnection technology is built in to this alarm. RadioLINK+ uses Radio Frequency signals to link alarms together with added functionality. All RadioLINK+ alarms and devices should be House-Coded together upon install. 

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