Cavius CV2106 Interlinked Battery Powered Optical Smoke Alarm

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Cavius CV2106 Optical Smoke Alarm

Cavius CV2106 Interlinked Optical Smoke Alarm 78mm

The CV2106 Wireless 10 Year Lithium Battery Powered Optical Smoke Alarm with Built in RF Interconnect (78mm) 

The core technology of the Cavius smoke alarms was designed by a team experienced in developing high quality system smoke detectors to EN54-7.

  •  Designed for installation in the home, mobile homes and caravans.

  • RF Interconnection Built in (no base or module required).

  • Connect up to 32 Alarms in the CAVIUS Wireless Family Range.

  • 10 Year Lithium Battery.

  • Large Test / Hush Button.

  • Dual Mesh System.

  • Dust Compensation.

  • 10 Year Warranty.


The alarm design: Battery, electronics, chamber and sounder are stacked to make the overall design as small as possible. 

Cavius alarms use the highest quality components to ensure reliability in performance, stability and to ensure products will be 100% operational during their ten year lifetime 

Chamber size

The size of the smoke sensing chamber is much smaller than previous ‘standard’ designs. To maintain a good quality performance this utilises premium optical components, amplifiers for the photodiode and good quality micro controllers to carry out signal processing. 


Very good resistance to false alarms due to point sources of contamination, insects, and humidity. This is not the case with most other larger smoke alarm sensor designs. 

Due to these characteristics, Cavius smoke alarms are even certified for recreational vehicles where the exposure to different humidity and change in temperature is high. 

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