Kidde FireX KF30LL Heat Alarm Long Life

Kidde KF30LL FireX Heat Alarm Long Life

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Kidde FireX KF30LL Heat Alarm Long Life

The Kidde Firex KF30LL is a mains powered thermal heat alarm with a user replaceable 9v long-life lithium back-up battery, designed to last the full lifespan of the alarm. Heat alarms can be used in areas of the home which are humid or dusty where optical or ionisation smoke alarms may trigger false alarms such as in kitchens, loft spaces and garages.

The Kidde KF30LL can be hard-wire interlinked with up to 23 other Kidde mains powered alarms which will create an interconnected system where if one alarm is activated, all other connected alarms will sound.

  • Easily identify the source alarm on an interconnected system with the Alarm memory feature
  • 70% less energy consumption compared to previous Firex alarms
  • Supplied with a dust cover if being installed during building works
  • Supplied with fixings: 2 x screws and rawl plugs
  • Combined test/hush button allows for regular testing of the alarm and silencing false alarms
  • Low battery warning tone which can be silenced for up to 8 hours

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