Aico EI3028 Interlinked Heat & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Aico EI3028 Interlinked Heat & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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Aico EI3028 Heat & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Aico EI3028 Heat & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The Aico Ei3028 Heat & CO Alarm is built with the same high quality, reliable and proven technology as in our other Heat and CO alarms but combined in one alarm and with advanced intelligent technology.

The Aico Ei3028 is a Multi-Sensor Heat and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm. It contains our proven fast acting Class A1 Thermistor sensor to detect fire as well as our proven electrochemical CO sensor to detect the presence of toxic levels of CO. This provides protection from both Fire and CO in one alarm.

The Ei3028 contains AudioLINK technology, which allows you to extract real time data from the alarm directly to a smartphone or tablet via the AudioLINK App.   

During an alarm, “Fire” or “CO” indicators will flash on the Alarm to indicate what has been detected. There will also be a different alarm sound depending on what has triggered the alarm.

The Ei3028 is fitted with a large Test/ Silence button to facilitate frequent testing of the alarm and system. The silence function allows the alarm/system to be silenced in the case of a false/ nuisance alarms and low battery/ fault beeps.

The  Aico Ei3028 self tests its sensors, battery and internal circuitry every 48 seconds. Any fault condition found will be indicated by a combination of yellow LED flashes and/or audible beeps.

SmartLINK compatible - plug in an Ei3000MRF module for wireless interconnection, data extraction and real-time notifications of alarm activations and events via the SmartLINK Gateway and Portal.

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